Thursday, 21 May 2009

Jammiwam mix

Next up on the mix duties is Jam the Box co-promoter and resident Jammiwam, in true Jam the Box style it encapsulates everything from deep house to disco, italo to techno and even manages to effortlessly sneak in a few rave numbers too!!


Matzo & Pauli - Kommach - Cyberdance
Aqua Regia - Untitles - Irdial
DJ Rahaan - Walk - Kat
I-F & Fred Ventura - I cut my heart - Clone
DJ Rahaan - Together - Stillove4the music
Jamie 326 - Dr Funk - Partehardy
Alton Miller - Untitled - NDATL
Delano Smith - Senergy - Third Ear
Marbert Rocal - The Pack - Compost
Fudge Fingaz - Ghost House - Prime Numbers
Moodymann - Dem young Sconies - Planet E
Ray Okpara - Please - Drum Poet
Sven Weisemen - Sark - Freud
7027 - Re-paced - 7027
Strinx - Sirus - Rush Hour
Ican - Make it Hot - Ican
2 Bad Mice - Bomb Scare - Moving Shadow
Tronik House - Uptempo - XL
2 Bad Mice - Hold On - Moving Shadow

Monday, 18 May 2009

Our Next Night!! FIRECRACKER - Fudge Fingas & House of Traps, 3 hour set - 06/06/09

Jam the Box pres...

House of Traps & Fudge Fingas (Firecracker & Prime Numbers)
The GRV, Guthrie Street, Edinburgh
Entry £4 all night.

The hottest Jam in town by a vastly vast measure indeed this month as we invite you down to witness two of Edinburgh’s finest DJs, musicians and producers in action behind the decks - Fudge Fingas and House of Traps, aka Gav Sutherland and Lindsay Todd from the world renowned Firecracker Recordings label. It is no understatement to say Firecracker are causing quite a stir amongst the most discerning music lovers the world over.

This label and these artists aren't just hype, they have delivered big time and its just out of luck that they hail from Edinburgh and have spent most of their lives involved in the local scene, most notably at Edinburghs independent music outlet Underground Solu'shn and legendary clubs nights Tribal Funktion, Higher Ground and the still running Ultragroove. Since the release of their first EP back in 2004 Firecracker have firmly established themselves amongst their peers as one of the most talked about and respected underground labels out there with fans as diverse as Derrick May and Moodymann to Lindstrom and the Idjut Boys. After the sheer buzz created by the first three firecracker EP's, the public demanded a repress after they quickly become collectors' items and thankfully Firecracker delivered.

Now on their fourth release, a remix of "Miles Away" by Steve Hitchell aka Intrusion of Deepchord, which takes on Linkwoods biggest track 'Miles Away' with two utterly sublime and heart-warming renditions poised to soundtrack fuzzy summer moments across the world in the coming months, like the previous Firecracker releases this is housed in screen printed sleeves and hand stamped centre labels pressed onto lush heavyweight vinyl.

As well as their own Firecracker Recordings, Gav is involved in many other productions with artists such as Trus'me and Linkwood , as well as currently playing keys for adorable Edinburgh based band Found, not to mention busying himself with forthcoming solo projects for Prime Numbers. Meanwhile Lindsay is one half of Linkwood Family along with Nick Moore, and has in the past worked with Joseph Malik, as of course has Mr. Fingas...

To put it bluntly, if you know anything about House music then there’s a high chance you will know who these boys are. It’s going to be a potent brew of funk, soul, disco and house.

Miss this one at your absolute peril…

Room One: Firecracker B2B 3 Hour set + JTB DJ's

Room Two : JTB DJs

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

JAM THE BOX - Residents Mix

JAM THE BOX - Residents Mix

This is a mix recorded recently by the Jam the Box DJ's, 2 on 2 off and unplanned (which is what we do at the club), it was meant to be a 2 hour mix but one of the needles completely died about an hour in so we were forced to stop! gutted!

Chip E - Time to Jack (Trax)

Armando Gallop ft. Sharvette - Don't Take It (Let's Pet Puppies)

Andonis - Rocking Down the House (Trax)

Armando - 100% of Disin' U (Warehouse)

Reggie R - Get Up (Real House Records)

Derrick L Carter - End of the Line (Classic) 

Chow Daddy - Batman (Moxie)

Education - Housezilla (D1 Limited Editions)

Dukeyman - Doggystyle (Baltimore Club Classics)

Andrea Parker - Early Days (Touchin Bass)

Ramon Tapia & Maxim Lany - Some of us Claim to Think About Music (We Play House)

Len Faki - My Black Sheep (Radioslave mix) (Len Series Figure)

Mitch Igan - Windy City Theme (Windy City)

John Arnold - Universal Mind (Fragile)

Johnny Fiasco - The Message (Control Records)

Matzo & Pauli - Drama - Cyberdance

Tony lionni - 5th Gate - Aesthetic

Tactic - Track 2 (Dress 2 Sweat XXX)

Limited Edition - The Light (Go Bang! Records)

MXN - Dislok8ted Science (Ampart)


Todd Terry - A Day in a Life (House Party)

Cajmere - Percolator (Cajual)

------NEEDLE DIES------